Welcome to the The Digital Student Project. I am in the process of transitioning our son, Joseph, to using an iPad in school. He is a 7th grade student. The 2nd trimester recently started, and his 1st trimester grades are not good. Now is the time for us to intervene with a new approach to his learning challenges. I will use this blog to share our experiences with anyone interested in what is a complex project.

    Parents who are thinking of going digital on their own have a difficult challenge ahead. It would undoubtedly be better if the school initiated a program that had broader support. However, the school staff, my wife and I all agree that we should not wait for a program at the school. Other schools around the world have programs that involve using iPads in class. See the posting on “Why did we decide on the iPad?” for links to the resources that I found during my research.

    Our son needs us to intervene immediately. Neither the school nor the district has any firm plans to start a program involving technology. There are no guarantees that we achieve all of our goals quickly or easily. We understand that the technology is not the total answer. Parents need options on the table that are forward leaning. This is new ground for all those involved. That is the primary reason I decided to blog about our experience. So here we go!

Chapter 1 – The Rationale, Goals, and the Buy-In (Read next)

Chapter 2 – Configuring the iPad for Learning

By Ken Granville

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