Chapter 2 – Configuring the iPad for Learning

One of the reasons that a tablet computer is an attractive option to me is the lack of a big negative that I’ve experienced with PCs. That is the bewildering array of configurations. I see too much choice as a negative because I believe that lots of choices works for cars, but not so much for computing devices. So much of the decision to buy a car is down to personal tastes. The fact is, car owners generally view cars as part of their identity. Even if they later regret the buy because they realize that marketing targets the buyer in ways that have nothing to do with the car. Especially, if the buyer overlooked key quality, ergonomic, safety, or handling deficiencies in favor of something less tangible such as appearance of the car.

Personalization of the device is not a factor as our child did not have any say in the decision. Not like he might when the time comes to buy him a car. In this chapter, I’ll share with you the decisions and setup tasks for the device and the software apps running on it.

By Ken Granville

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