2.1 What iPad version did you choose?

Step 1 – choose the color

Step 2 – choose storage and networking method iPad 2 Purchase Step 2

    There really are only a few configuration options for the iPad. Choosing the options that met our needs involved only two steps. Step one involves color choice between black or white. We chose black instead of white because we expect a dark color to stand up better to handling by our son.

    In step two, the choices are between storage sizes (16GB, 32 GB, and 64GB) and network connection methods (WI-FI or WI-FI + 3G). The prices adjust according to the selections made. We chose the 16GB WI-FI version at $499 (click here to go to the Apple iPad 2 website at for detailed pricing and configuration options). Our son is only using the iPad at home and at school. For a $15 monthly fee, we can tether the iPad to his iPhone if we change our minds about him being able to use it elsewhere.

    I then made device specific configuration settings. I’ll describe settings in my next posting.

By Ken Granville

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